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"I feel that through ReMaT I am aware of forthcoming challenges in the future. A look ahead on advice in advance."
Nora Mzavanadze, Budapest, Hungary

"It was only during the workshop that I have realised how much research management is important. I have never had this kind of training."
Nives Skunca, PhD candidate in Zagreb, Croatia

"An insight on the world outside the ivory tower of pure research"
Benno Kreuels, PhD candidate in Hamburg, Germany

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Opening new horizons for early career researchers

ReMaT Workshop -  May 2014 in Brussels

The workshop provides an introduction to research management topics relating to exploitation of knowledge and entrepreneurship, acquisition of grants and project management. It challenges students to consider different perspectives on how they might use their PhD education in a variety of career paths, and convince others to hire them. More information...


What is ReMaT?

ReMaT delivers hands-on practical training in research management in an intensive, yet effective workshop form over two days. ReMaT is especially tailored to meet the needs of early career researchers especially from the 2nd year of PhD studies onwards, but is also suitable for others involved in research, or in directing research. There is a strong emphasis on European networking in the way the workshop is delivered: we encourage participation from many different countries and disciplines.

ReMaT aims to give participants:

  • an understanding of the different contexts in which research operates – from academia to industry, from fundamental to applied research
  • an awareness of the skills needed to manage international, multi-disciplinary research projects
  • knowledge of how to apply for research funding, from European sources and from private-sector funding bodies
  • a foundation in the specific skills needed to fund, manage, disseminate and commercially exploit scientific research as a researcher
  • opportunities for international networking

ReMaT has been conceived and developed as a project funded by the European Framework 6 Programme.

Institutions interested in hosting a ReMaT workshop are invited to email their interest to ReMaT.